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  • Lighting Control
    Dimming , On / Off or according to lux

    Control Your Lights or let your home control them for you ! , from turning on the lights to dimming them or according to sunlight they will adjust automaticly .

  • RGB Led Control & Design
    Light that matches your mood .

    Light color that goes with your mood , enjoy turning your room into pink or any color you wish by one tap creating an ambient room of ur desire to relax or read ur favourite book.

  • Multimedia Control
    Dance your way through every room

    Set your music to play in all or single room , enjoy watching your favourite movie anywhere in the house , Relax & enjoy light music while you shower.

  • Climate Control
    There is nothing like the right temp !

    Wether its cold or hot , Matrix smart Homes system adjusts the house automaticly , or set your desired temp from your App, This functionality reduces your energy consumption by 40% .

  • Irrigation Control
    Watering your garden

    Irrigation control , waters you plants when needed , sensors measure the humidity of the soil and waters your plants the exact amount required , very efficient and lowers your water bill by 70%.

  • Security & Presence Control
    Security a major aspect

    One of the most important features about home automation is Security , our systems can detect when an unwanted movement is detected , keeping u alert on whats going in your home all the time, can easily notify if you forgot to close your door or if your children have arrived home.

  • Blind & Curtain Control
    Let sunlight through

    Control your Blinds by a single touch or have them programmed to open and close at predefined times. play a move scene and the will adjust automatically.

  • Access Control
    Authorised Personal Only

    Control & manage all premisses entry & exit points, be notified when intrusion.

Bring your home to life and enjoy smart living