Innovative ideas
All details are on their places

All Smart Homes start with a Smart Idea , We DO NOT imitate WE INOVATE

Brilliant design
Great results

We take our time when it comes to Smart Home , studying every single aspect of our clients needs

Project Finalisation
On time Completion

All our projects get delivered on time and 100% completed . Allowing our clients to enjoy and relax.


Matrix Smart Home , a leading provider of Building Management System , Automation & Control Solutions .

Founded in 2006 , the company mission is to deliver an elegant and more affordable way to control and automate Lighting , Music , Video and Energy in a single room or throughout the entire home.

Today we integrate with our clients to achieve transformative benefits of smart and connected homes, delivering an efficient environment that is comfortable , friendly and interactive.

We beleive life is better when everything works together , By partnering with the biggest brands in consumer electronics , appliances , energy , lighting .

Matrix Smart Home leads the industry in interoperability ensuring an ever-expanding eco-system of devices will work together in any residence , delivering intelligent solutions for companies , Hotels and businesses around the world.

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  • Programmers
    Member of Apple Developers

    Authorised Apple Developers & MFI since 2010 . We proudly program our applications , making our app unique and powerfull with no limitations.

  • KNX Partners
    Most Advanced Protocol

    Member Since 2010 , Biggest Market of Automation maufacturers globally. KNX has been implemented for 25 Years , It is the art of Automation.

  • Electrical & Electronic Engineering
    Creativity & Intelligence

    We Have a team of engineers , fully equiped to carry on major installation projects .

  • Networking & Connectivity
    From TCP / UDP to RF

    Our team specialises in Multimedia & Networking , Video conference , Vpn on Cisco & microtic Routers etc..

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